I gave my gf some weed and she swallowed my cum for the first time

beauty hacks8

She swallowed every single drop!

So I had been with my gf for 4 months at that time. Her blowjobs were always pretty good but, when it was time for me to cum, she always jumped up and finished me with her hand. I used to say it would be much better if she swallowed or at least let me cum in her mouth… but she never wanted to do.

One day we were at my place and I offer her some weed. She was not a “very smoking person” – actually, still – but I don’t know what happened that day… she took the joint from my hand and smoked like there was no tomorrow. 

After some minutes, she was already high. God, and how good was that…
She asked me if she could take my c*ck out of my pants to play with it. She started stroking and licking my c*ck.

She removed her top exposing her nice firm t*ts and dark, hard nipples. She started rubbing my c*ck between her breasts.

As I got closer to c*mming, she put my c*ck in her mouth and started to suck it and fondled my balls. I warned her that “I’m c*mming” expecting her to pull away.

Instead, she looked up into my eyes and sucked it harder while moaning.

She swallowed every single drop!